Who We Are

Greenbuttercup is a Community Interest Company (CIC).

At Greenbuttercup we aim to develop a User Led Organisation (ULO) which is not-for-profit. Providing access to a means by which service-users can take control over their own lives, achieve full participation in all spheres of society, and effect changes in how they are viewed and treated. Whilst being able to access low cost activities, and make savings on public spending.

Greenbuttercup is busy looking for premises from which its members and service-users can operate day services; facilitating the enablement of members and service-users to gain a sense of ownership and belonging, whilst meeting and working with other members and service-users.

Through our work we will continue to promote Independent Living and Wellbeing, through a range of workshops and activities; whilst providing access to a setting where members and service-users can work on their independence and wellbeing, whilst enhancing life skills and building individual self-confidence.

At Greenbuttercup we will continue to provide an outreach service for its members and service-users; improving the provision of opportunities for members and service-users to participate in wider community activities of their choice, supported by their peers or a trained person.

We will continue to facilitate and provide training, new skills and experience for its members and service-users. Whereby members and service-users will have the opportunity, with the support of experienced staff, to: seek funding; develop; manage; and deliver their own projects. Thus empowering them, and enhancing their employment opportunities.

Throughout Greenbuttercup will provide ongoing support for its members and service-users; whereby they can be secure in the knowledge that they have access to a flexible, service-user led company, which will provide: what they want; how they want it; at their point of need; and at an affordable cost.

Who are we reaching out to?

Currently Greenbuttercup reaches out all to sectors of the community, who live in Hampshire – including the city of Southampton and Portsmouth.  But with particular reference and benefit to:

  •  minority, disadvantaged and socially-isolated groups;
  •  vulnerable individuals/groups;
  •  children and young people with additional needs;

plus those who form the support network for the above, including parents and carers.







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